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3 Things You Love Redfoo For

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You may or may not know the name Redfoo, but the one thing that is for sure is that you have heard his music before. Redfoo, formerly half of the duo LMFAOis now going solo and is continuing to bring those party rock hits that he has been doing for years. Redfoo’s new album Party Rock Mansion is coming out on Friday 3/18, and in honor of his first solo album release I will be recounting three different reasons we all love him for.

1) He made LMFAO a household name.

With songs like “Sorry for Party Rocking”, “Party Rock Anthem”, and “I’m in Miami Bitch”, LMFAO grew up to be one of the hottest and most popular EDM duos that pop-music has seen. Redfoo played an important role in the duos success, ultimately skyrocketing their music to worldwide fame.

2) He Knows How to Party

Everyone likes a little party in their life, and nobody does it better than Redfoo himself. Anytime we needed a source of entertainment, we can count on him for some awesome music and cool music videos.

3) He’s Coming Out with New Jaw Dropping Hits!

Redfoo’s full album drops Friday 3/18 titled Party Rock Mansion. Above is a link to the featured track “Booty Man” and its 360-degree music video! Below is a link o Redfoo’s Spotify: