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Artist of my Week: Saying “Yes” to NONONO

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1477499_228588867265385_647077117_nNONONO is a trio from Sweden who are in the works of releasing their debut full length album come May 2014. They’ve gained international attention from the circulation of their EP Pumpin’ Blood, an urban-indie collection with a little more bite than you everyday indie album. In regards to their song “Like the Wind” writes, “[Like the Wind] is a song you are going to listen to once, then immediately feel like listening to again, setting in motion a repeat listening frenzy that will last well over three hours.” Hailing from Sweden the band is made up of lead vocalist Stina Wappling and a production duo made up of Astma and Rocwell. While the music is poppy and intricate these deep and sometimes dark jams remain accessible for the wide audience rock music appeals to. Check out my two favorite tracks they’ve released and stay tuned for the album release!